Mar 30, 2021 • 34M

Episode 9: What Does It Take to Grow Generous People?

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DJ Chuang 🍊 莊迪斐
Come along on the journey of generosity and experience how it's more blessed to give than to receive - with co-hosts DJ Chuang and Jefferson Lee
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Most of us know the right thing to do when it comes to faith and money. One of the most basic steps of obedience is the idea of tithing, giving back to God a portion of our earnings, as an expression of faith that God provides everything that we have. And yet the reality is that the typical church attender gives at the rate of around 2 to 3 percent.

To help people move from knowledge into action takes more than faith and inspiration. It also takes motivation and ability at 3 different levels. And that’s what co-hosts DJ Chuang and Jeff Lee will walk-through on this episode: the 6 sources of influence that will help Christians to grow in generosity.

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