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Generous Asians Podcast Season 1 and After Summertime
Episode 12: Generosity That Keeps on GivingListen now (19 min) | Co-hosts Jeff Lee and DJ Chuang share their closing thoughts as we wrap up season 1 of the Generous Asians podcast. We talk in theโ€ฆ
Episode 11: 8 Levels of GivingListen now (39 min) | What can we learn from the Jewish tradition of giving and charity? Co-Hosts Jeff Lee and DJ Chuang takes a look at a list of eightโ€ฆ
Episode 10: Why Giving is Godly and How to Give PracticallyListen now (33 min) | Thereโ€™s basically 2 sides to giving: the spiritual and the practical. Often times, Christian and Bible teachings about theโ€ฆ
Episode 9: What Does It Take to Grow Generous People?Listen now (34 min) | Most of us know the right thing to do when it comes to faith and money. One of the most basic steps of obedience is the idea ofโ€ฆ
Episode 8: In God We Trust?Listen now (29 min) | On the money here in the United States are engraged the words, โ€œIn God We Trust.โ€ What does that really mean? Co-hosts Jeff Leeโ€ฆ
Episode 7: 3 Barriers to Spiritual GrowthListen now (27 min) | Jeff Lee and DJ Chuang discuss a recent discovery from a stewardship online event that reveals the real reasons why people donโ€™tโ€ฆ
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