May 18, 2021 • 19M

Episode 12: Generosity That Keeps on Giving

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DJ Chuang 🍊 莊迪斐
Come along on the journey of generosity and experience how it's more blessed to give than to receive - with co-hosts DJ Chuang and Jefferson Lee
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Co-hosts Jeff Lee and DJ Chuang share their closing thoughts as we wrap up season 1 of the Generous Asians podcast. We talk in the very moment while DJ is in the middle of an experience of generosity, and Jeff notices the difference it makes in real-time. Not to be missed!

Show Notes

Vessel Church (Costa Mesa, California)

Generous Giving

“If money is your security, being asked to give sounds like you're being asked to give away your security, your future, your safety. But when Christ becomes your true security, giving money is just giving money. It becomes seed to be sown, not security to be guarded.” — Abraham Cho